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    Soilz is a unique platform that gathers data of agricultural plots and generates insight in the wellbeing of the soil – enabling sustainable cultivation. The portal facilitates ordering of soil analyses with the click of a button and supports the companies complete business process. Soilz invited us to help define the roadmap as well as support in the technical choices to be made, to enable the companies future growth. This has lead to an intense collaboration resulting in new services as well as in further automation of business processes, including integrations with couriers and exchanging data with labs.

    As CubeWorks we take care of the continuous improvement and extension of the application in close interaction with the Soilz team. We act as a sparring partner to the owner and ensure efficient management of developers and coordination with the parties involved.

    When I told a fellow entrepreneur of my ambitions to further develop Soilz in early 2021, he advised me to meet Jeroen Mom. This has led to a fruitful collaboration, in which it feels as if I have been given my own development team.

    Sparring with Jeroen helps me to refine my ideas and to make choices about what I do and do not want to invest in (yet). I notice that together we reach better solutions that are then elaborated, developed and extensively tested by the team. With the new functionalities we save a lot of time and by making the increasing amount of data that we have accessible, I see real new opportunities emerging.

    Jos Raedts – Owner