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Every successful journey starts with a single step. In the early stages of solution design, you can benefit from having someone that quickly understands the specifics of your business and can help you in translating processes and ideas into well designed software solutions.

We enjoy partnering in this designing phase, where we can guide you and your team through the process of discovering possibilities, defining opportunities, making choices and developing solutions that will bring real benefit to your target users. 

We can help you accelerate the digital transformation of your business by supporting you in coming to the right design.


As an entrepreneur you know that you need software to realize your vision. Be it as part of your service towards customers, or to support your internal processes as your business scales. You may even have considered hiring a developer but are hesitant to get started without having the required expertise in house.

We understand you are investing with a long term vision. Our experience is in the development of software as a product. We think that entails a commitment with a horizon beyond a project. By nature, we seek to understand the long term direction and aim for durable solutions that bring a healthy return on investment. We build with an understanding of your business, act as a sparring partner questioning your expectations, contribute by proposing alternative ideas and support you in building a strategic long term product roadmap. 

We call this ‘product management as a service’: standing next to you, directing the product development on your behalf.

design – Manage – Develop – Maintain
your software product with CubeWorks

Building a product requires craftsmanship. Our software development teams not only master writing code. We use proven methods and technologies and follow clear procedures to ensure reliability and solidity of our work. 

We take an agile approach, in which we build and evaluate step by step, to ensure the result will fit to your needs. We feel part of your company, think from your perspective, come up with ideas and strive to exceed your expectations.

We do read between the lines, challenge your requirements, propose improvements and come up with alternatives if we think you may be better off with a different approach.

We take pride in building what you really need, what brings most value to your business. No less, but also no more. That is much appreciated by our customers.

Your software is of critical importance to your business. We understand that you don’t ever want your software to fail. We also know that is hardly possible at all. As long as you can count on a dedicated team there is no reason to be worried. 

Our teams are committed to supporting you. We are in this for the long run, so: we are ready to help you where needed, we will work with you on the maintenance of your product, and we are here to take your product to the next level. We will do whatever we can, acting as extended part of your organisation. 

You will never need to be worried of being left alone, getting stuck in an emergency without help to get you back on track. A product requires a team that performs as if they are your own. Or even better than that.

WHEN YOU invest for the long run,
you need a team that is ready to do the same.