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CubeWorks helps entrepreneurs by taking over the management of software development. We are involved in every step of the process: from understanding the needs of the business, designing and choosing suitable solutions, translating these into a good architecture, building the software, all the way to testing, implementation and setting up the support organization.

Founder Jeroen Mom sees a real need here, in which he can offer entrepreneurs a unique added value with his experience. He brings a background as a business engineer, 20 years of hands-on experiences as entrepreneur in an IT product company and as a coach of entrepreneurs, combined with a drive for the realization software solutions that allow you to make the difference. He knows the ups and downs of software product development by experience. He loves to use that same experience to help you make your company successful!

Based on the desire to offer an end-to-end service and to have sufficient control over the quality of the software supplied, CubeWorks chooses to work with a permanent team of developers, supplemented by a flexible pool of selected specialists.

LET Our experience BE your advantage.

In your efforts to serve your customers well, you may feel the need for better tools. Software that supports new or improved ways of interaction, better apps to simplify administrative processes, instruments that facilitate better use of data… Do you wonder what would be possible for your company to get ahead on this road of digital transformation?

There are many standard software products available, but they just don’t fit to your specific needs. Or maybe there simply is no standard solution for your unique requirements. A tailormade solution may then be just what you need: to save time, reduce costs, focus on your core business or to enable that great new idea you have.

We love helping you out, because creating software is our profession. We have the experience to help you define what you want, ask the critical questions to filter out the real need and the competence to build quality software. We are convinced that as an entrepreneur with vision, you should not hesitate to take the first concrete steps today! We are ready to team up in this journey.