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DAA packing services

    The ‘DAA Administrator’ web-app of Australia based DAAPS facilitates client and medication management for pharmacies. It enables them to order dose administration aids for their patients straight from their system and provides traceability, reporting, virtual medication count and more. For DAAPS, the system facilitates their complete internal business process all the way from order intake through production, quality assurance and dispatch.

    We have been involved in the development since the start in 2015 and still today we proactively engage in the continuous improvement of the user experience for both the internal users as well as the pharmacies. We operate as a remote / virtual team, in close interaction with the various department heads, take care of design, development and maintenance. We represent DAAPS as product manager in integrations with third parties (like a.o. Blackmores, FRED IT Group and Telstra Health) and take an active role in identifying and designing opportunities for improvement with the DAAPS team and their clients.

    Image of Lanie Bowman

    When we started developing DAA Administrator back in 2015, we never thought we would still be developing after so many years. But the reality is that over time new requirements keep emerging as a result of regulations, new partnerships and the further extension of our services.

    We value the partnership with CubeWorks, as Jeroen and his team have shown a great interest to really understand our business and pro-actively find ways to keep improving the system as we continue to grow. We call Jeroen our ‘Head of Software Development’ and are confident he feels that same responsibility.

    Lanie Bowman – General Manager DAA Packing Services Pty. Ltd.